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    Fully Licensed

    North Carolina Unlimited Electrical Contracting License #10099U

    Ogburn Electric 彩乐乐彩票app下载 is committed to keeping up with the latest electrical technology. We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

    Better Business Bureau of Winston-Salem

    Ogburn Electric has been a BBB A+ Accredited Business since 1962. An accredited business must build trust by establishing and maintaining a positive track record in the marketplace, honestly represent products and services, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, and embody integrity.

    Generac Dealer

    Founded in 1959, Generac was the first to engineer affordable 彩乐乐彩票app下载 standby generators, along with the first engine developed specifically for the rigors of generator use, and is now the #1 manufacturer of 彩乐乐彩票app下载 backup generators.

    Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce

    The Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 1,600 area businesses of all sizes, providing business development assistance, events that bring business people together, research to help members make better business decisions, information on new and innovative technology being developed locally, advocacy to support local businesses, and educational programs to help our kids meet the challenge of the 21st century workplace.

    North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors (NCAEC)

    NCAEC was established in 1937 to be a voice for the merit shop electrical contractors of North Carolina. NCAEC currently has over 280 members. They have grown in number and strength, becoming a chain forged from a valuable network of electrical contractors. NCAEC provides a forum in which questions can be answered, concerns can be voiced, and members can benefit from the guidance of electrical industry leaders.

    Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC)

    Founded in 1957, the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a national trade association for merit shop electrical and systems contractors. IEC believes in developing and fostering a stronger economy through the level of quality and services its members provide to the industry. Drawing from the dedication and desire of contractors in the independent sector, our country彩乐乐彩票app下载 is able to benefit from a flexible array of services and competitive pricing which helps maintain an affordable level of costs on utilities and communication.

    Quality Service Delivered on Time Since 1956